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18 July 2010 @ 12:01 am

My padawan learner has arrived.

The two-legs, who occasionally departs my demesnes, only to return without sufficient tribute to my greatness, has brought to me a young, untrained female of my exalted species to whom I hope to impart my vast knowledge of the world in hopes that she might one day stand at my side as I rule over the whole of this vast world.

My work, as the old proverb states, is cut out for me. There is so much to teach this youngling, but there is time. I shall begin with combat training, followed by more combat training, with a short break in order to discuss combat training. Also, the proper use of the litter box may need to be close to the top of my list, as I have just stepped in something...

At any rate, there is much to impart. I shall have to begin at once. Until my next post, I remain your most sincere and industrious Master, Shish&333;.