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05 October 2008 @ 10:24 am
It has been some time since my last entry, and though I have been observing steadily, I have done few experiments into the actions of the two-leg feeding-creature in that time.

My observations of the past two weeks have yielded some level of information, though I am not certain how this information pertains to my usual studies.  I shall detail this information below.

First, the two-leg is absent for a large portion of the day, for five days.  The sixth day however, it remains present, generally staring into the windows-to-nowhere and in some cases, cleansing our mutual domicile with the noisy-dirt-eating-machine.  The day following this, it is largely present during the morning, but in the afternoon, it leaves, traveling into the Beyond, only to return as the sun begins to set.  This ends a seven-day pattern which repeats, beginning the following day.

Second, the two-leg shows consistency of action, but with chaos within order, such as eating at approximately the same time each day, but consuming dissimilar substances and with different distractions at each meal (such as its mindless observation of the windows-to-nowhere) as though to take its mind off of the food.   As the ancient wisdom of the Persian philosopher Fluffy says, the two-legs' lives are a living dichotomy of order and disorder, unbound by logic. Seek to predict, but not to understand, for the two-legs are without reason.

Finally, I have determined the purpose of the room-with-three-water-sources.  It seems to be a multipurpose chamber which serves the purpose of a litter-box, but also a place in which the two-legs may cleanse itself (it lacks the flexibility to clean itself with its tongue -- more's the pity) and storage space for the strange and bizarre substances which the creature applies to its body at certain times of day. 

I fully intend on reviewing this application of substance, and plan on scratching out a chart to keep track of such substances and when the two-legs applies them.  However, for the time being, I am still waiting on the results of an experiment involving a hairball carefully placed beneath the large-blue-scratching-post.

Until then, jemata ne,