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16 March 2009 @ 05:03 pm
Shishou kaette  
Greetings once again, dear readers.  As is often the case when living with a strange, two-legged feeding creature which defies all attempts at analysis, I have been forced to take a rather lengthy hiatus from which I have recently returned.  During this period, I have spoken with others who have made similar attempts to analyze the two-legs, and the group of us have come to the following conclusion:

Two-leg feeding creatures cannot be analyzed by any known means and thus are to be considered dangerous creatures of pure chaos.  These creatures cannot be exterminated, for we feline overlords would be forced to fend for ourselves, feed ourselves and -- Bast, Goddess of Bounteous Feline Fortune forbid -- clean our own litter boxes.

Thus, we have decided to allow the two-legs remain for the time being.  However, several of our number have begun to stockpile weapons of mass destruction in the event that the two-legs get out of control.  Or perhaps for use against our canine enemies.  Either way, we're ready for war, but we hope for peace.

So once again, dear readers, I have returned, and fate willing, I will post again soon.


Your gracious and generous overlord and master, Shishou.